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TAMWALL . . keeps growing with you. 


  • A complete wall system with doors, and windows.
  • The security and privacy of a fully enclosed office.
  • Can be covered with either vinyl, or fabric wallcoverings. 
  • With features to conform to irregularities in adjoining walls.
     Standard Walls

  • If you become tired of a vinyl color, just use Latex paint.
  • Is made of "Class A" materials.
  • Panels are 2¼" of laminated gypsum, making them highly rigid, and acoustically sound.
  • Has an STC Rating of 36.
   Standard Walls


  • Many times it can be installed in a day. 
  • Installation is quick and clean, often 2-3 weeks after recipt of order. 
  •  Minimal attachments do not deface your ceiling or floor.
   Standard Walls

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          TAMWALL 101  From the beginning. . .

      Just one of the keys to the versatility of TAMWALL, is that it has no studs.  TAMWALL uses a design, which takes four pieces of drywall, and laminates them together, in three layers.  This forms a panel that is only 2¼" thick, with tongue and grove edges.  The face of the Standard panel is 24" wide, and can be as tall as 168".  After lamination, this panel is amazingly rigid, and acoustically sound.  So rigid, we are able to hang a solid core door from it.  Having no studs, the TAMWALL panel can be modified in the field.  So, when you need to conform to a window sill, or a heater, the panel and trim, can be "Coped" to conform to the irregular profile, and maintain privacy, and security.

       Then, there is the issue of being "Demountable".  When you work with studs and drywall, it becomes a "Hard Hat Area,"  Everyone has to be relocated, along with the supporting telephones, computers, and furniture.  After the noise, dust, and fumes have cleared, you get to move everyone, and everything, back.  With TAMWALL, there is little noise, no dust, no fumes, and very little moving.  We require a path, two feet, on either side of where the wall will go.  We can literally, put the wall up around you.  But in most cases, the occupant of the space is usually moved to a cubicle for the day, and the next morning, they are back at work, in their new office. 

       When you have personnel changes, or you experience increased volumes, space management priorities change.  With studded walls, you are often forced to live with inefficiencies, for the reasons we have already discussed.   Since TAMWALL is "Demountable," your floorplan can be rearranged to accommodate your new situation.  Allowing you to reuse the material that you allready own, and add any elements needed to complete any expansion.  No one "Expects," to have to change, but we know that it is one of the few constants in our lives.

      As mentioned earlier, TAMWALL is designed around the use of solid core doors.  Our standard door is 3/0 X 7/0 X 1¾", but other sizes can be specified, and are available.  Transoms, sidelights, and vision lights are common.

      Most accommodations for electrical can be done in the field.  However, light switches, need to be specified at the time of order.  The box, and M/C cable, are assembled and installed at the factory.  Everything else is put into place as the installation is done.  Duplex outlets, telephones, and computer lines are roughed in for the electrician and communications people.  All of these are installed in the baseboard of the TAMWALL.   

      Since TAMWALL, is installed, under the ceiling, and on top of the carpet, it is considered, by many, to be the same as furniture.  So it qualifies for the seven year depreciation schedule.      


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