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  Tamwall Acoustical Sound Panels . . .    Control the sounds around you. 


  • An NRC of 0.9
  • Your choice of Edge Design 
  • Design Your own Panels 
  • Panels available in sizes up to the  48" X 120" X 1", 2", or 3"
  • A Large selection of Fabrics to chose from



        TAMWALL Acoustical Sound Panels


Designed to complement our wall systems, but now can be used on all walls.  Finding a balance between Function and Design, they'll add architectural detail to a room, and help quiet any venue. 

     TAMWALL Acoustsical Sound Panels

And installation is quick and easy, with the "Tamwall Impaling Plates."  This is important, because there are no adhesives.  So, there are no fumes to foul the air.  Other mechanical fasteners require chemical attachment to the panel.  Then if those fasteners are mishandled, they tear out of the panel, and there is no reattachment.

   TAMWALL Acoustsical Sound Panels

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             1. Scope

             1.1 Installation of all acoustical work covered in this section of the specifications shall be by a qualified acoustical contractor.

          1.2 Acoustical Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the acoustical work in accordance with this section of the specifications and applicable drawings.

          1.3 Substitutions will not be permitted for materials and methods covered in this section.

          1.4 Installation of Materials shall not begin until all requirements of Section 4 “Job Site Conditions” of this specification have been met.

          1.5 Acoustical Contractor shall be responsible for the examination and acceptance of all surfaces and conditions affecting the proper installation of these materials, and shall not proceed until all conditions have been corrected.

          1.6 All Product Materials and Product Workmanship shall be guaranteed free of defects by the manufacturer for a period of one year from the date of delivery.

              2. Acoustical Materials & Properties

          2.1 Acoustical Sound Panels

          2.2 Acoustical panels shall be Tamwall, Inc., Acoustical Panels (select

          2.3 These units shall not exceed: 48" wide x 120" high x 1" thick unless
approved by Tamwall, Inc., in advance.

          2.4 Panels shall have rigid fiberglass core. (Specify if tackable impact
resistant surface is required.) Panels shall have: (choose one) chemical-hardened edge or standard core edge.

          2.5 Decorative finish shall be (specify finish and color, graphics, etc.)
bonded to panel face. Edges shall be wrapped and returned to back side. Manufacturer shall guarantee smooth, wrinkle-free face and tailored corners.

          2.6 Panels shall be mounted by (specify method).

          2.7 All panel components shall be "Class A” fire rated per ASTM E84 surface burning characteristics.

          2.8 Acoustical panels shall have Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of
approximately .85 using Type A mounting tested under ASTM C 423 Sound Absorption Materials.

          2.9 Edge finish shall be: (specify one) square, radius, beveled, mitered.

          3. Fire Protection

          3.1 Acoustical Material shall have a Class A Flame Spread Classification according to Federal Specification. ASTM E84-89a; test method similar to methods NFPA No. 225, UL No. 723 and UBC No. 42-1.

          4. Job Site Conditions

          4.1 Installation of Tamwall, Inc., acoustical products shall not begin until all wet work such as concrete, plastering, and terrazzo is completely and thoroughly dried out.

          4.2 Installation of Tamwall, Inc., acoustical products shall not begin until the building has been closed to the weather and suitable mechanical ventilation is supplied to maintain condition ranges of 60ºF to 85ºF at not more than 70% R.H. These conditions shall be maintained prior to, during, and after installation.

          4.3 Delivery and Storage of Materials. All materials shall be delivered in their original unopened packages and stored in an enclosed shelter providing protection from damage and exposure to the elements. Damaged or deteriorated materials shall be removed from the premises. Immediately before installation, panels shall be stored for a sufficient time to stabilize temperature and humidity conditions ambient during installation and anticipated for occupancy.

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