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TAMWALL's Clear Story Wall

Alowing Light into the "Core"

of Your Building. 

 Privacy, without the feeling of Confinement.  


  • A complete wall system, with solid core doors, and glass.
  • Narrow profile  trim pieces, give strength and integrity to the blending of panels to glass.
  • The security and privacy of a fully enclosed office. 
  • Match closely to existing metal trim colors, and panel finishes.
       Clear Story Walls

  • Can be covered with either vinyl or fabric wallcoverings.
  • Made of "Class A" materials.
  • Minimal attachments do not deface your ceiling or floor.
  • Features to Conform to irregularities in adjoining walls.
    Clear Story Walls

  • Installation is quick and clean.
  • Often 2-3 weeks after recieving your order. 
  • No waiting for "Custom" panels to complete the job.
  • Works well with existing furniture.  

   Clear Story Walls

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 TAMWALL 102  Another element of design . . .  

TAMWALLS Clear Story wall is the next element of the product mix. Designed to be used as a "Corridor" wall, Clear Story is not confined to just that, but it fills that purpose well. Allowing privacy, but still giving visual reference to the space outside.

The sill height ( The Height where the Glass Starts ) is adjustable. Typically, the sill height is set to line up at 85¾" with the top of the door frame. But, the sill height has proven to work well at 66", 72", or even 24" below the ceiling.

Wiring for electrical applications, can be a problem. Since wires can't go through glass, we have to conceal them. Light switches, and thermostats can be easily concealed. However, duplex outlets, telephone, and data are a bigger challenge. It is for this reason, that most projects use the Cler Story wall, as the Corridor wall, running parrallel to the Outside wall, which contains the windows. Then the walls between the offices are Standard wall, and they contain the wiring.

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