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TAMWALL's Glass Wall opens your office,  and gives you privacy. 


  • A complete wall system with doors, and windows.
  • The security and privacy of a fully enclosed office.
  • The flexibility to fit your requirements.
  • Features to conform to irregularities in perimeter walls.
  • No waiting for "Custom" panels to complete the job.


     TAMWALL Glass Walls

  • Standard wall panels accommodate light switches, duplex outlets, computer, and telephone lines, between offices.
  • Narrow aluminum extrusions, provide great stability for doors, and window frames, in office fronts. 
  TAMWALL Glass Walls


  • Often used in computer rooms, for both sound and temperature control.  
  • Installation is quick and clean, often 2-3 weeks after recipt of an order. 
  • You don't have to move the department out, and back again.
  • Minimal attachments, do not deface your ceiling or floor.

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   TAMWALL Glass Walls


          TAMWALL 103   Designed to fit . . .

      TAMWALLS Glass Wall is designed to provide the office size you require.  Each elevation has a feature that allows for adjustment.  Not every wall is "Plumb," and not every tape measurement is read correctly.  Therefore, some adjustment should to be possible.  By, "Stick Building," TAMWALLS Glass Wall, the "Parts and Pieces," are assembled, on site to fit.

     TAMWALL cuts the tops and bottoms of each window to size, in its factory. The sides of the windows are sent in "Stock Lengths," to be cut on site.  Then, if the floor goes up, or down, and the distance from floor to ceiling changes, the wall is able to conform to its environment.  After, all of the metal is installed, the glass is put into the openings.

     While some customers, choose to have one piece of glass, from floor to ceiling.  Others, want a rail about 32" above the floor, to act as a "Chair rail."  Then there are those who want to clearly see what is going on in each office, and those who want "Translucent," not "Transparent."  It's your office, and you decide the look you want.  TAMWALL will provide it.


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