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"Tamwall Systems" as manufactured by Tamwall, Inc., of Indianapolis, Indiana.


The demountable wall partition system shall offer maximum flexibility and reusability to accommodate relocation work with minimal loss of materials, damage, or modification to panels or to adjoining structures such as ceilings, fixed walls, and floors. The system must be unitized and progressive, allowing interchange-ability of panels, window and door units. The contractor shall be responsible for furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the work of this section.

1.01 Related Work

A. Related work specified elsewhere:

1. Door and glass frames

          2. Wood doors

          3. Glazing

          4. Ceilings

          5. Finish hardware

          6. Wall covering

          7. Snap-on base

1.02 System Description

A. Interior wall system: Partitions shall be bevel edge type, 2-1/4" thick semi-solid construction. The panels must be factory laminated, and jig unitized in a tongue and grooved configuration, using water based and non-combustible adhesives. System also provides door and glass frames, trims, and base.

1.03 Quality Assurance

A. Wall system components shall be obtained from one manufacturer which certifies that the materials meet or exceed these specifications.

B. Installer shall have a history of completed jobs of similar size and scope. Installer shall be registered and authorized by the manufacturer.

C. When required, provide independent laboratory certification that wall provides at least 36 STC sound transmission rating for gypsum non-insulated partitions and 39 STC for insulated gypsum partitions.

D. When required, provide independent laboratory certification that wall system has been successfully tested for 1-hour fire endurance.

1.04 Submittals

A. Submit samples of complete finish color selections.

B. When required, the partition manufacturer shall submit shop drawings for assemblies and/or of material, gauges or thicknesses, finishes, and details of construction.

1.05 Environmental Conditions

A. The General Contractor shall have the installation site enclosed and heated above a constant minimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity not over 70% during the erection of the partition system. Erection of the partition system shall not begin until the exterior of the building provides complete protection from outside elements.

B. The finished ceiling grid system shall be in place and preferably the finish floor material shall be installed before partition system installation begins.

C. Panels shall not be stored where they are subjected to temperature, humidity, or moisture extremes. Panels shall remain on adequate support to ensure flatness and prevent damage.


2.01 Manufacturer

A. Tamwall Systems is manufactured by Tamwall, Inc., of Indianapolis, Indiana.

2.02 Materials

A. Aluminum - All aluminum framing components shall be extruded from 6063 alloy. The finish son the exposed aluminum shall be either anodized or electrostatic epoxy based glaze.

B. Ceiling Track - The ceiling track shall have a continuous factory applied seal to provide a positive barrier to sound and light penetration.

C. Door Frames - Aluminum door frames shall be shipped KD and be machined for all mortise hardware. Door frames shall be installed plumb and square.

D. Glazing Sections - All glazing sections shall be installed plumb and square. Glazing mute shall be supplied by partition manufacturer.

E. Panels - Demountable panels shall consist of two 5/8" fire code, beveled-edge, gypsum face sheets, 24" or 30" wide, laminated to two 1" x 6" gypsum core board ribs using a Tamwall, Inc., approved water based, non-combustible adhesive. The panels shall be factory laminated and jig unitized in a tongue and grooved configuration.

F. Panel Finish - The gypsum panel shall be pre-finished with a Tamwall, Inc., approved wall covering. The partition manufacturer assumes the responsibility of furnishing and installing the panel finish. The manufacturer and pattern of selected finish shall appear in the finish schedule.

H. Vinyl Base - The vinyl base shall be a 4" high pre-fabricated, extruded PVC base specifically compatible to partition manufacturers floor track (see drawings).


3.01 Inspection

A. Installing contractor should inspect building site before installation to verify that floors and ceilings contain no defects that would result in an inadequate installation of the partition system.

3.02 Installation

A. Install aluminum partition framing to floor, ceiling, and fixed wall using concealed fastening devices which will not mar surfaces.

B. Install demountable partition system rigid, level, plumb, and aligned in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Provide continuous seal to prevent light and sound transmission at floor, ceiling, fixed walls, and adjacent surfaces.

C. Any alterations made to the ceiling grid in order to install the partitions or to provide access for electrical, mechanical, or communications systems shall be made so as not to affect the structural integrity of the ceiling grid or be noticeable upon completion of the work.

D. Adjust hardware and leave doors in proper operating condition.

3.03 Cleaning

A. Remove cartons and packaging material as work progresses. Remove material cuttings and scrap pieces as work progresses. Do not leave debris or excess materials on carpet.

B. Upon completion leave all work areas clean and ready for building occupancy.

3.04 Demonstration

A. Provide the services of a factory-authorized representative to demonstrate and train Owner’s representative.

B. Train Owner’s representative on procedures and schedules related to installing, relocating, servicing, and cleaning panels and components.

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