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     Built around the basic concept, of being as permanent as metal stud and drywall.   But, being engineered of components which can be dismantled, and reassembled.   Maintaining value through many reuses, rather than being sent to the land fill, as metal stud and drywall would be.

     Installed on the finished floor, and under the ceiling grid.   Changes in the floor plan can be made, leaving little evidence of having been done.

     A factory built product, designed to become the floor plan you desire,   Now and later.   Featuring control panels, in each elevation to hold dimensions within tolerances, and to minimize cutting.   Creating the ability to cope intersections, Conforming to window sills, heating elements, bulkheads, and glass in exterior walls.   Allowing greater privacy between offices.

     Installation, and modification, can be done without becoming a hard hat area. And it won't be necessary to evacuate the entire floor for weeks.   Just two men, who know what they are doing, can install from 30' to 50' of wall in a day.   And that is finished.   Most of the time, your people can remain in the general area of the work being done.   Installation is clean, with very little noise to deal with.

     Tamwalls STC is 36.   Giving privacy to your offices.   We produce three styles of walls.   Standard, Clearstory, and Glass wall.   All three can be blended together, to create a productive working environment just right for your personnel.   Be sure to view the Gallery page, to see how we've helped others, like you.



Choose from the options shown below,

for the products that fit your application.


standard walls
Standard Walls

You can create full height,

demountable offices, up to 14’ tall.



glass walls
Glass Walls

The clean look of glass can add

productivity in an office environment.

clear story walls
Clear Story Walls

Have a private conference room,

 without feeling closed in.


acoustical sound panels
Acoustical Sound Panels

Use the architectural elegance of the

office to bring down the sound levels.

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